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About us:

Over the years, the Chang Rong company has focused on research, development and marketing of the acrylic bottle.  With this, the company has a strong emphasis on developing effective manufacturing processes and strict quality control.  We pride ourselves on being customer focused, paying attention to customer-oriented concepts, providing customers with a quality product at the most competitive cost.  Our company takes an innovative approach in a number of product categories which, with the development of new moulds, allows us to meet a diverse range of customer needs.

The beauty market is growing rapidly worldwide, but the domestic market is heavily constrained the lack of expertise and experience of product development, design, packaging and marketing.

We uphold a ‘quality first, customer satisfaction’ approach to all aspects of our work with our extensive experience of serving the cosmetics industry.  We have a flexible approach which allows us to fulfil design briefs from our customers, for example utilising outside processing techniques, such as use of different print and paint techniques inside out outside bottles.  We aim to achieve a ‘win-win’ situation for all of our customers.

Business concept

  • Product development and innovation.
  • Quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Professional services.
  • Create a win-win situation.

Care and cosmetics packaging materials : Essence, lotion, lotion, cleansing milk/ liquid, cleansers, day cream, night cream, eye cream, wrinkle cream, Cream, massage cream, liquid foundation, spray products, whitening products, moisturising products and so on …


Inside and outside of the bottle, cover, specify the paint colour production according to customer demand.


Inside and outside of the bottle, cover – do atomized mass production according to customer demand.


according to customer requirements stamping LOGO.


According to customer demand.

Injection Treatment

bottle, liner, cover follow customer demand specified colour production .